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Published Manuscript

We are entertaining the idea of publishing a first edition of Ralph's manuscript in book form.  This would be a hard bound limited print first edition with the complete manuscript (around 100 pages) and pictures.  At this time we are trying to gauge interest.  If you think you would be interested in a copy of this book, should we publish it,  Draft pages will be posted here so you can get an idea of what it contains.

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Posted - December 2, 2004

One day, I suggested to Lee that we drive back to Pyramid Lake which seemed more than any place we visited, to intrigue him. I had double motives, other than knowing he liked Pyramid Lake. Marilyn had mentioned that while she knew it was wonderful for Lee to have a vacation, and how much she enjoyed seeing him in the evenings, she did miss the neck-rubs during breaks. I also knew they were shooting that day in the ranch-house located near Pyramid. Then when we were leaving the Lake, "Itís about time for the lunch break, why donít we stop and have lunch with them?" He thought is a fine idea, but "what if they donít have coconut pie for lunch?" We parked, just as they were breaking for lunch. Marilyn let out a scream of joy, and wanted to introduce him to Gable. After a few minutes of talk, Lee "I remember very well seeing you on Broadway in the Squaw Man, and my ambivalent feelings later on when you had gone to Hollywood, and became such a big star; that we had lost a potentially great talent in another medium." Gable beamed, and when he started replying, Paula motioned to me to come into her dressing room, "How dare you bring him to the set." Then she lit into me in such a manner that absolutely stunned me. It is difficult for me to deal verbally with anger, so I turned, headed for the station wagon, and was going to Reno. She came running when she saw my intent, held my arm, calmed down, and said, "Please forgive me, Ralph Ė I didnít mean to blast out at you. It isnít you, or anything youíve done. You see, they have been on tenterhooks, ever since they heard he was coming. They practically warned me "keep him off the set." They donít even want me around. They donít consult me in anyway, or give me advance information as to what they intend. Iím in such a bind that sometimes I think that Iíll have to do exactly what you had in mind Ė to leave. Iíve spent so much time trying to decide to return to NY with Lee. But, she could never understand, sheís aware of whatís going on, but she could never comprehend being left to face it all alone." 

(Marilyn talking) That night. "I was so happy when you and Lee showed up today. Iíve been wanting to see more of him during the day. But hated to impose on his vacation. Clark was so pleased to talk with him, and was thrilled to hear him discuss his stage appearance. You know, Clark was under the great influence of a teach-coach. In fact, he said he married her. Josephine Dillon. I knew her once. In fact, I was torn between working with her or Natasha Lytess. What happened with you and Paula? You looked thunder-struck." I said it was something to do with a small incident a few years before. Iím quite sure she knew exactly the small incident Ė she had antenna that reached everywhere.


Manuscript property of the estate of Ralph L. Roberts. Do not copy without permission.