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We are currently locating and scanning various news articles involving Ralph.  If you have one you do not see here please let us know via the Contact Us link to the left!

New York Times death notice
The New York Times May 16, 1999

Salisbury Post
The Salisbury Post January 17, 2010

Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian Magazine July 2009 [ View Online ]

Salisbury Post October 23, 2006 [ View Text Version ]

Marilyn's Masseur  Salisbury Post May 10, 1999 [ View Text Version ]

Ralph L Roberts Obituary  Salisbury Post Obituary [ View Text Version ]

Texas Trilogy in NYT  NYTimes Texas Trilogy 1976

Ralph mentioned in Hollywood Reporter  Hollywood Reporter 1973 [ View Text Version ]

Long Island Press - Of Mice and Men  Long Island Press 1973 [ View Text Version ]

Of Mice and Men review in Newsday  Newsday 1973 [ View Text Version ]

Ralph Interviewed after Marilyn's death  Chronicle Telegram, September 22, 1962  [ View Text Version ]

Ralph mentioned with Marilyn in Earl Wilson column  Reno Evening Gazette, January 18, 1961 [ View Text Version ]

Lucky Ralph Had Marilyn Monroe Under His Thumb  Salisbury Post January 3, 1960  [ View Text Version ]

Salisbury Post - Unsure of the Date at this time.

  Overseas Weekly December 2, 1956

Ralph in "Witness for the Prosecution" and Imogene Coca  Don Bishop, February 13, 1955  [ View Text Version ]

Ralph with Dorothy Ford  Walter Winchell, cir 1947

  New York Times, February 15, 1947 [ View Text Version ]

Tom Atkins, Ralph Roberts, and Steven Simpson  "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"